History[edit | edit source]

These people were originally Humanoids on Earth during the first part of human history. Leaders from the Nigh Omnipitent Society, the Annunaki took humans from the Earth and put them on the planet Trunti. They developed for thousands of years with much more advanced technology to start off with then the Humans on Earth got. The Annunaki using science unlocked 20% of the humans brains rather than the 10% unlocked naturally allowing them to advance quicker. They were a society of peace for a hundred years, before the Skrulls and other societies such as the Kree got involved. Originally the Trunti built billions of nuclear weapons using their unlimited natural resource surplus they have from many other planets they rule in their planetary system. Until in the Earth Year 1999 Thanos and the Chitari came and destroyed the original Trunti society, but in early 2000 Thanos was overthrown. To this day and it will take many many years to rebuild their gigantic armies and societies after Thanos robbed them of their weapons and technologies. 

Info[edit | edit source]

Species: Humanoid

Average Male Height: 7 ft 4

Average Female Height: 6 ft 6

Enhanced Abilites: Enhanced Growth, Sense of Smell, Enhanced Brain Function by 10%, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Life Span, Slowed Aging

Average Lifespan: 450 Earth years

Years Ahead of Earth (Technology) - 20,000 years

Related Races: Earth Humanoids (Cousins), Annunaki (Slightly)

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