Short Bio[edit | edit source]

The Reaper is a cosmic being, created by Mistress Death to serve as her ferryman. Which would mean that, the Reapers purpose is to deliver the souls to Death, so Death can take them to the relm of "The One Above All'. Death did the job herself for a millenia. Then she decided that she needed help as she was not capable of doing all that work her not being perfect. 

His Job[edit | edit source]

His jobs are to ferry the souls of the dead to Death, so Death may bring them to the realm of "The One Above All". 

Encounters with Galactus[edit | edit source]

Galactus was extremely hungry, and was dying, The Reaper could sense it so he traveled to take Galactus soul. Galactus being a being of great power could see The Reaper appear before him. Galactus did something that shocked "The Reaper" telling him that "Harvester of Souls, Leave this place, Galactus will not die today". The Reaper said "Hear me Galactus, your dying soul has called to me". The Reaper said "Now, you will come with me". Galactus somehow was restored to full power (a feat never seen) through a pump into Galactus the heralds put in with an entire unihabited system of 300 Planets. Galactus rose up and said "I am alive Reaper, and now have the power to face you". The Reaper said "Very Well Galactus". The Reaper started to walk away, however Galactus now enraged and crazed with full power blasted The Reaper in tha back. The Reaper turned around and said "You dare face me, Galactus". The Reaper pointed his scythe at Galactus and said "Feel the Power of Death itself", and in a giant beam of cosmic power, it smacked Galactus and knocked him over. Their fight was a huge cosmic light show, however Galactus's now nigh omnipitent full power was able to fend off the Reaper. 

Stats (Out of Ten)[edit | edit source]

Speed: 10

Strength: 10

Cosmic Power: 7

Special Abilites: Teleportation, Cosmic Power, Ability to Travel on the Astral Plane

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