Info[edit | edit source]

This is a council, that TOAA (God) left in the charge of his 2nd in command "The Living Tribunal". It is a council thats meant for deciding the flow of reality, deciding desicions such as the creation of Galaxys, Unvierses and on rare occassion's dimensions. Each representitive is the creator/ruler of their respective dimension, the first 7 dimensions are controlled by the 7 most powerful entities in every reality or dimension. 

Members[edit | edit source]

Lord Rikka, Ruler of the 4th Dimension

Dr. Tycbvuy (Lord Fhvui), Ruler of the 5th Dimension

Lord Tux, Ruler of the 6th Dimension

Lord Fynale (Ruler of the 7th Dimension)

Lady Yuvyety, Ruler of the 1st Dimension

Lord Jyuhv, Ruler of the 2nd Dimension

The Living Tribunal (Leader), Ruler of the 3rd Dimension

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