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Important Events in the History of that Earth[]

2016 - Stark Industries Collapses after Tony Stark is murdered by Thanos.

2016 - Thor is killed in a battle with Galactus

2017 - Thanos finishes the Infinity Gauntlet after aquiring the last gem

2017 - Asgard is overun by Thanos , resulting in both Loki and Odins death

2017 - Thanos attempts to take over the Universe and destroy Eternity itself, but this ultimatley ends with the Living Tribunal showing up and stripping Thanos of the gauntlet and undoing the death of Eternity, Death itself, and the Beyonder and countless other beings/heros including Odin being brought back to life and Loki as well.

2018 - Bruce Banner is killed by Apocalypse.  

2018 - Captain America is killed by Deadpool. 

2018 - Deadpool is obliverated body and soul by the Doomsday Device, so the healing factor could never bring him back.

2019 - Hawkeye is killed during the Massacre of Sheild by Ultron

2019 - Spiderman is killed trying to protect NYC from a second invasion by the Chitari

2020 - Captain Marvel is killed by Ego

2020 - Ego is killed by the Beyonder

2020 - Galactic War Breaks out between Earth and the planet Rayti almost causing apocalypse

2020 - The Silver Surfer gives himself to save the Earths sun

2021 - Galactus dies after realizing his limit

2021 - Black Panther is killed by after the planet he was on was destroyed

2022 - The Celestial One Above All falls from power 

2022 - The Destroyer is destroyed by Thanos 

2023 - New Avengers are formed with New Heros

2024 - The New Avengers fail and WWIII starts

2024 - Great Britian falls 

2024 - Heros are eliminated from Earth

2024 - The US, Russia, China, India and all the major super powers fall and is brought under a 1 world dictatorship. 

2024 -  Emperor Billius Bronsworth rises, and an era of no heros and tolitarian dictatorship begins

2075 - Emperor Billius Bronsworth is murdered by revolutionaries and the mutants/superheros are let go

2076 - Charles Xavier is unfrozen from his cryogenic state

2077 - The Wolverine becomes mortal

2088 - The Pheonix Force destroys Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Mars.

2095 - Charles Xavier dies

2096 - The Wolverine Dies

2096 - Mephisto is destroyed

2098 - The former World powers are restored 

2098 - Retix is born (The Leader of the New Generation of Heros/Will become one of the most powerful superheros to ever live)

2099 - Earth and the other planets of the Galaxy develop a normal relationship and begin trading, Earth becomes part of the InterGalatic Trade Route

2100 - A new space port is built on Earth