Early Life[edit | edit source]

Jameson Ryan was born December 24th 1971 in Chicago Illinois. His father worked in a large office building, and his mother was a nurse. He grew up and had a very normal childhood, he was a straight A student throughout his elementary and middle school years. He graduated the Chicago Public School as vale dictorian. He had recieved multiple, Math and Science honors from the City and even the nation. He won in the final round of the 1980 Scripps National Spelling Bee. He did Tae Kwon Do all throughout his childhood. He went to college at The University of Chicago and was a Chemistry major. He earned his doctorate in Education in 1998. 

Gaining His Power[edit | edit source]

James Ryan got a job at Government Laboratory in 1999. While experiementing with nuclear energy, atoms, and electrical energy he created a new element to try and create a new form of clean power. He created a mass quantity of it, and he was one day walking around the huge container filled with the mixture, James tripped and fell in. The mixture bubbled and fizzed. And from the mixture emerged James Ryan. He was in the world news for a couple months for surviving without getting radiation poising. He within a month of this happening he noticed when he pointed at something and squeezed hard enough he could conjure lightning from his hands. He experiemented in the lap, and discovered his super strength, super speed, ability to shoot energy from his hands and eye balls. He tested himself and noticed how his cells had mutated completly. He saw how superheros fought crime, so he decided to give it a try. 

Beginning of Fighting Crime[edit | edit source]

He started the war on crime on the supervillians in Chicago. He cleaned up the city until new threats emerged and he kept fighting.

Encounter with Thor[edit | edit source]

He encountered Thor during his travels and when he went to help fend off the Chitary in 2011. He was on the East Side of the city where he met Thor. Captain Storm accidently hit Thor with lightning. Thor said "we will settle this another day mutant". And he flew off.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Height: 6 ft 2 (Mutant)

Weight - 255 lbs (Mutant)

Power Level: Strong

Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Ability to Fly, Ability to Fly in Space, Ability to shoot lightning from his finger tips. ability to shoot beams of golden energy from his eyes, super freeze breath, Inability to Age (Immortality), Power Cosmic (Due to some properties hidden in the atoms from space it unlocked the power cosmic to be at his disposal), Super Durability, Healing Factor

Above Earth

Captain Storm

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